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Jason Miller - Food and Beverage Manager
Jason Miller - Food and Beverage Manager

Jason Miller

Food & Beverage Manager

Jason Miller grew up in the restaurant business learning how to cook in his uncle’s restaurants, and getting to experience true hospitality through his travels throughout the world. While attending college at the University of North Texas, he worked full-time as a bartender and server to help pay for college as his goal was to graduate debt-free. Doing this helped to instill a high level of work ethic as well as gaining invaluable experience running the front of the house and proper guest service. After graduation, he took a job as an accountant, but quickly realized his passion for the hospitality industry. He left the accounting trade, partnered with his uncle and they built and operated Jason’s first restaurant in Houston, Texas opening in 2001. Jason apprenticed as a chef under his uncle while maintaining an award-winning wine list as well as beginning to dial in his knowledge of cocktails and their history. After learning all that he could under his uncle’s guidance, he was ready to take his style of cuisine and hospitality and venture out on his own. In 2010 he opened Shiloh’s Bar & Bistro in Macomb, Illinois as General Manager and Executive Chef. For family reasons Jason relocated to Minnesota in 2016 and ended up as General Manager of PUBLIC kitchen + bar as well as Green Lantern cocktail lounge in St. Paul. While operating these two establishments Jason was able to use his vast knowledge of spirits, wine & beer along with his years of culinary experience to work along with chef Justin Sutherland and lead a team to grow the brand creating a healthy culture, and work environment. Running the restaurant of a famous chef taught Jason how to maintain the concept identity while ensuring the food & beverage represent the brand the chef created. In 2019 Jason joined TriOut Hospitality as General Manager of their pan-Asian restaurant with celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern called Lucky Cricket. As TriOut Hospitality’s portfolio of businesses has grown Jason has been able to use his years of experience to help cost, source, and implement food, beverage, and equipment for our restaurants and co-working spaces located in Minnesota, New York, and Tennessee.
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